*How Far in advance do I book my Vehicle?
We need as much notice as possible. At least 12 hours by telephone or 24hours if booking online. But sometimes a vehicle maybe in the area so give us a call anytime.
*How do I book?
You can either book online or via telephone 01323 48 44 46
*Do I get a confirmation letter?
Yes, you either get a confirmation email or letter. Booking is not confirmed unless you receive this.
*How do I Pay?
You pay the driver cash on the day. Unless you have an account set up with the company then this will be added to your account and you will be billed in the normal agreed way according to your T&C.
*Do I need to have an account with you to use you?
No, we welcome Old and New customers 
* What are your opening times?
We open 365 days a year. 7 Days a week. Our phoneline 01323 48 44 46 is manned 247.  
*What type of vehicle will I get?
Depends on your needs and requirments. If you let our friendly team know when you book if you have any special requirements we will send the right vehicle. Our list of vehicles can be found on our Fleet page.
*Are all the vehicles and Drivers Licensed and Insured?
Yes, fully. All with Wealden District Council.
*Do you provide child seats?
No, we ask you to provide this as children vary in age, weight and height. But we can take back to the office and hold until your return.
*Do you have a cancellation policy?
Yes, we need 24hours notice of any cancellations or full payment will be required. This must be either via telephone or email.
*What if my flight is delayed?
We keep an eye on this is to keep cost to a minum. But please do give us a call as soon as you know if its cancelled
*Do we have any hidden extras?
The price you are quoted includes any Tolls and Congestion charges. It also allows for up to an hours waiting time. Plus an hours car parking. Anything after this hour will be charged at £6 per half an hour and £12 per hour for waiting and £3 per half an hour for car parking.
*Do you provide a receipt?
Our Drivers can provide a written receipt Or if you contact the office a statement can be sent to you.
*Where do I meet my driver?
Depends on location. But our drivers always meet you with a 'Direct Travel - Meet and Greet' board with your name clearly on it.

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